Secure distribution


e-Boks is a unique, cost-effective digital distribution channel that can save you up to 80% of your distribution costs.

Eliminate the manual process of handling physical letters and make your customer communication digital and more effective. All important documents are gathered in one place, helping your customers to get an overview of everything that is important. 


Digitalise your customer dialogue and save money

e-Boks offers:

  • Secure and efficient handling of digital documents
  • Effective processes through integration with own systems
  • High customer satisfaction 
  • Savings of at least 80% compared to physical post
  • Document signing and direct payment in e-Boks (add on)
  • 100% guaranteed delivery of documents to the intended recipient


Get started

Together with our distributors, we offer a solution that only requires you to provide output data in an agreed format. We'll do the rest - and your recipients get their documents in a secure way.

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