The e-Boks Payment solution enables payment directly from e-Boks

The solution is an online service that provides easy and secure online payment of invoices. The e-Boks Payment solution also features a notification service that will remind end users of any unpaid invoices. The notification service can contribute to lowering the volume of late payments, which means that sender can save on the cost of handling overdue payments. In addition, the end user can sign up for future and recurring payments and herby increase the guarantee of paying due invoices.

Safety is key to e-Boks and the e-Boks Payment solution is just as safe as the existing online banking services. To ensure the best possible result, e-Boks collaborates with existing and trusted payment service providers (PSP).

The sender initiates the payment flow by processing the invoice so that it contains all the required payment features and data to enable the end user to perform the payment of invoices, and possibly sign up for future and recurring payments.

Sender determines which payment methods to make available to end user from e-Boks. These methods include Betalingsservice by NETS and card payments by DIBS.

The payment takes place directly in e-Boks.

Benefits for sender

  • Increase the volume of invoice payments paid online
    The payment becomes a one location process. Invoices can be viewed, paid and archived in e-Boks.
  • More payments are made on time
    The e-Boks notification service will prompt end users to make the payments before the due date and thus save sender cost on late payment handling
  • Increase the likelihood of end users signing up for future and recurring payments and in fact making sure that the payment will be done

Learn more about e-Boks Payment in the product sheet.