Digital signatures


Most customer relations are based on agreements or contracts. Contracts are the foundation for many organisations' activities, but they are also administratively demanding to handle, since the physical contracts have to be sent around between parties for signature.


Use digital signatures - and have the agreement quickly signed in a secure and confidential manner
Digital signatures in e-Boks streamline communication between sender and recipient. The processing will be much faster and you can obtain signatures at any time of the day. At the same time, you free up resources that were previously tied up in administrative procedures and save money.

The solution allows the recipient to sign documents (agreements, contracts, offers) from both PC, tablets and mobile phones, wherever they are.

We offer both private and corporate signing of documents.


Plug 'n' Play

If your company is already set up to send documents via e-Boks, the e-Boks Digital signing solution is almost a plug-and-play solution as there is little need for additional configuration. New senders must perform initial configuration of own systems to align with the e-Boks processes for signing documents.


Benefits for senders

  • Fast response time (customer can sign both from PC, tablet and mobile phone wherever they are)
  • Easy and transparent process for the recipient 
  • Sensitive personal data is secured for both sender and recipient (GDPR compliance)


Read more about digital signatures in the product sheet