Most customer relations are based on agreements or contracts. Contracts are the foundation for many organisations' activities, but they are also cumbersome and administratively demanding to handle, since the physical contracts have to be sent round between the parties for signature. The procedures for the establishment of contracts are thus often complicated, requiring many case processing resources.

Make your signatures digital and save money
Digital signatures in e-Boks ensure an effective communication flow. Your organisation will not only save postage costs, since you will also release significant resources that were previously tied up in administrative routines. Cases can be processed far more quickly, and you can obtain signatures around the clock.
Experience from Norway shows that digitising signatures reduces case processing time from 17 to just 1-2 working days.

Gain effective work processes for:

  • Loan agreements
  • Supplier contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Rental contracts

Plug 'n' Play
In order to be ready to use a digital signature in e-Boks, your organisation must prepare internal administrative processes for signing documents, so that they correspond with the new workflow. If you already deliver documents to e-Boks, the interfaces will already be set up, which makes digital signing of documents in e-Boks almost a plug ’n play solution that is easy to introduce.

Benefits for senders:

  • Save over 80% on postage compared to physical post.
  • Significant streamlining of administrative procedures
  • Fast response times and secure delivery to the signatory
  • Improved customer service and customer experience
  • Option to store sender's copy of signed documents
  • Minimum integration time

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