Improve the communication process between sender and end user

The e-Boks Business Intelligence service can assist sender to better understand the end user activities and behavior on the web (e-Boks and portal). Sender will get access to a vast number of e-Boks data on end user behavior and activity patterns. The data views can be customized as needed and display through a dashboard or viewed as reports to provide a quick overview of key data.

Sender can for example decide to display key data that includes information about how soon after receiving a document will end user in fact open and read a document, or what is the composition of the company’s end users, such as gender, age, etc., and how this impacts the behavior on the web (e-Boks and portal).

Sender can use the result of the analyses to improve the processes for planning, evaluating, and monitoring the end user activities, and ultimately improve the communication flow between the company and the end user.

The e-Boks Business Intelligence is powered by Microsoft Power BI. All the required credentials for that tool are handled by e-Boks. Sender can access the end user data from a browser or via a Power BI app for the phone or tablet.

Benefits for senders

  • Analysis results display in a user-friendly format
  • Improved processes for planning, evaluating, and monitoring

Learn more about the e-Boks Business Intelligence via e-Boks in the product sheet.