TestaViva – an online platform for creating legal documents – is one of our first business partners to integrate their services in the beta version of the new e-Boks Plus app.

The integration of TestaViva’s service into e-Boks Plus allows users faster, easier access than ever before to create letters of proxy and authority for the future. TestaViva describes the collaboration as a highly successful partnership. According to TestaViva’s own figures, the app generated 8,143 new users in just three months, resulting in the creation of over 3,400 legal documents, equivalent to a financial value to users of just under DKK 4.5 million.

“We think that the idea behind e-Boks goes hand-in-glove with that behind TestaViva – we want to be a digital platform where important legal documents can be created and stored. Everything is now gathered in one place, and the app lets us reach out to even more users,” says TestaViva Director, Michael Lauritzen.


A good match
The plan is to expand collaboration between e-Boks and TestaViva, such that users who have already created legal documents with TestaViva can opt to have a version of their documents sent to the e-Boks Plus app, so that they are always to hand.

“e-Boks is already a familiar and trusted platform, on which our users feel secure storing their documents. It’s also a very simple, straightforward solution. All you have to do is click on e-Boks, and you can start creating a legal document, which you can also sign and complete in the app immediately,” says Lauritsen, and adds:

“TestaViva’s objective is to make legal documents free and easy. We find that to be able to generate users, our services have to be available in the right place. The e-Boks platform has proven to totally be the right place to offer this service, because it is easy, free and secure, which means that we see this partnership as the perfect match.

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