With e-Boks, PensionDanmark expects annual cost savings of DKK 6-7 million. PensionDanmark has come far with digitisation and has significantly reduced the number of letters and forms. For PensionDanmark, e-Boks is a solution that can quickly make a difference.

"We focus on digital solutions based on simple communication, in order to reach our members. This means that we can enhance our service while reducing members' administrative costs. e-Boks gives us full control of the electronic communication with every one of our 618,000 members," says Flemming Tovdal Schmidt, Director at PensionDanmark with responsibility for Customers, Customer Service and IT.

What do the customers say?
With e-Boks, PensionDanmark can give added value to its members, and the majority are pleased with the digital solution.

"PensionDanmark has informed its 618,000 members of the introduction of electronic post, and only 20 members have opted for an alternative solution. Members no longer have to organise their own pension documents, since everything is stored in e-Boks," says Flemming Tovdal Schmidt.

Documents are always accessible and secure
The e-Boks solution gives customers an overview of dispatches and documents, the opportunity to create digital archives and users have continuous access. This makes pension management easier and more flexible for each user, and also for PensionDanmark.

"e-Boks is a good tool because it is tried and tested, secure and easy to implement. That's probably also why it is used regularly by a large part of the population," says Fleming Torval Schmidt.

e-Boks solution in own design
A simple log-in to PensionDanmark's website provides all the benefits of e-Boks. With the e-Boks white label portal solution, all e-Boks functions are seen as integrated elements of PensionDanmark's website design, system and structure, and users cannot see any difference.

"It is important that our members do not experience any differences - or unnecessary diversions. Our members benefit from receiving their post in both e-Boks and on their self-service pages on pension.dk. Within the next six months we will be introducing mobile solutions, which are also expected to include a white label solution of e-Boks. This will ensure more flexible solutions for customers, a better user experience and easier case processing for us," says Director Flemming Tovdal Schmidt.


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