ISS’ payroll department in Denmark regularly sends letters to company employees individually and en masse. But sending them by post had become neither sustainable nor modern, Charlotte Tuborg Emcken, Payroll Manager at ISS explains:

“We now use digital signature for all sorts of things, including sending declarations of consent out, information for the personnel and for legal matters involving the personnel. We used to laboriously fold such letters, put them into envelopes and post them".

What’s more, letters concerning legal matters had to be sent by recorded delivery. That sort of letters could include changes in terms of employment, when we needed a signature to prove that the letter had been received, in case we ended up in legal proceedings.

"To send such a letter recorded delivery cost around DKK 100. The cost now is just a few kroner using the e-Boks solution, depending on the size of the electronic letter”, Charlotte Tuborg Emcken explains. The recipient can also be asked to sign the letter sent to them using NemID. ISS has made use of this facility when sending over 8,000 declarations of consent. 

 “We save time and money. The e-Boks solution is also easy to use, and fits in well with our policy of always seeking to work smarter,” states Emcken, adding:

“When I write a letter to an employee, I click on an icon in Word, enter their CPR number and then click ‘Send’. The letter still has to be written of course, but we avoid having to wait by the printer, putting a stamp on, and then waiting several days for it to arrive. All we have to do now is click".