With 37,000 employees, Dansk Supermarked is one of Denmark's biggest private employers. In 2011, the company began to send out all payslips electronically via e-Boks.

"This makes an enormous difference for us. Previously, all payslips were distributed manually in the shops, but now we do not have to make all these practical arrangements," says HR manager Hanne Puggaard.

No unexpected obstacles
"We have had an excellent relationship with PostNord eKommunication and e-Boks. There is always a risk of something going wrong in a project as big as this one, but everything has gone smoothly, without any unexpected obstacles," continues Hanne Puggaard.

From manual to digital

Previously, the administration of payslips was always done manually.
"Our old payroll system was not compatible with e-Boks. That is why we have only implemented the change now that our whole IT platform has been replaced," says Hanne Puggaard.

A new IT platform also brought a new payroll system that is in line with today's requirements.

"Today, we just need to generate a PDF file that is sent to PostNord eKommunikation, which makes sure that the document ends up in the e-Boks system," Hanne Puggaard continues.

e-Boks provides several benefits

"For us as a company, it is about major administrative savings, " says Hanne Puggard, who explains that the company now avoids the time-consuming manual administration of payslips.

Other advantages are that printing, postage and distribution costs are also eliminated.

Holiday cards and communication via e-Boks

For a period of time Dansk Supermarked also sent all holiday requests e-Boks. Today, all communication regarding days off and holidays takes place electronically.

"Our employees submit requests for days off and holiday via e-Boks and can see how much holiday entitlement they have left," says Hanne Puggaard.

She also describes how much simpler administration has become now that holiday pay advices no longer need to be processed manually.

"Although we found the manual processing of payslips to be cumbersome, this was nothing compared to holiday pay advices," she says.


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