Coop Danmark is the first company in Scandinavia to digitise the handling of employment agreements and other HR documents via e-Boks. Digitisation ensures clear administration savings and a key overview of all personnel and HR-related matters at Coop.

The administration of agreements was a time-consuming task for the HR departments, since documents had to be signed in person and then scanned in, with manual entry of the data in Coop's IT systems. e-Boks provides a complete solution for HR communication. KMD is the distributor of the solution to Coop.

"Annually, we have more than 45,000 documents that need to be signed by both the employee and the company concerning employment, supplements, amendments or termination. Now, these documents can be signed digitally in e-Boks and stored securely in the end-user's e-Boks," says Johnny Wagner Pedersen, HR support and recruitment manager at Coop.

Clear administrative benefits
From the start of 2014, all Coop employees will be covered by the HR solution. Coop already uses e-Boks for distributing payslips to employees, and that's why the obvious next step was to expand the service to include other HR documents.
"We make clear administrative savings when we no longer have to scan and type in data, which is now transmitted digitally from the agreements signed by employees in their e-Boks. This used to take several days," says Johnny Wagner Pedersen.




Well-known and secure channel
A major reason for Coop's choice of e-Boks is that the solution is a well-known and secure channel for employees. It also provides a full overview of all personnel and legal matters throughout Coop Danmark. Previously, many documents were stored on a decentralised basis in the individual departments.

We opted for e-Boks due to its superior security and user-friendliness. This was a non-negotiable requirement

Coop's system is integrated directly with e-Boks via existing interfaces in SAP, but the solution can be adapted for all known IT systems.


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